Friday, July 29, 2011

The low-down, skinny and whatever else you kids are saying these days

I wanted to do the world's quickest update. But then I thought, why in the world would I do that after a month of being MIA? Especially when half my updates take less than ten minutes to type?

The answer, my friend, is unclear. But here we are, and I'll try my best to be intriguing and clever, even if it turns out a little messy in the end. Like my first kiss, only without the Jurassic Park arcade machine and nest full of angry wasps (true story).

Here's the thing. I'm still working my full-time gig. I tell Hub I write full-time and have a part-time writing job. It's kind of funny, or ironic or something. I'm still not entirely sure.

But this MS? I'm having the most fun with this first draft. I look forward to working on it every day. Hopefully that will show through when it comes time to start editing it. Something tells me that sense of childlike wonder will be replaced by alcohol and lots of cursing. As of yesterday's lunchtime writing session the MS is sitting at 36,500 words. I have a rough word count goal of 90k, which I can then whittle down into a more-manageable creation. Like turning a tiger with a cobra on its tail and bees for eyes into a kitten with a grass snake for a tail and cute little ladybug peepers.

We do not have Internet where we live. It kind of sucks, because I have to go steal my in-laws' wifi or drive to my grandma's haunted house. You haven't lived until you've tried to play on Facebook while fan-danglies (I don't know what they're called, just go with it) move around on their own.

I haven't said much of anything. I apologize, and (like I have a dozen times before) I promise more content next time.

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