Monday, June 13, 2011


Good news!

I'm not dead!

I am in a different part of the country, though. :)

Since I last posted, Hub and I have relocated to Oklahoma. I've started a new job, and a new manuscript.

"Oh jeez, not again," I hear you saying. "She's blathered about starting and stopping and starting again so many times I want to beat her with a mackerel." 

Well hush. That kind of talk isn't constructive.

My new digs, job and commute have all culminated in me getting a new writing schedule, too. I have an hour-long commute to work, so I spend my morning drives brainstorming on how to write the next part of the MS. There's a coffee shop about a block from where I work, so I spend my lunch breaks writing there. Then, on my drive home, I think back to what I wrote and come up with any edits I might want to do when I get home.

It's a pretty freakin' sweet system, if I do say so myself.

I've also reconnected with some writerly friends, and we've discussed the idea of meeting and critiquing our stories every other week. And I still have Hub, who is as enthusiastic and encouraging as ever.

But yes. I'm back, and hopefully I'll be better about posting from here on out.

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