Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And away we go

I'll start off right now by saying that I don't know how effective this venture will be. I'm not terribly good at keeping track of a blog, as evidenced by my Livejournal account that has sat inactive for months. :/

But here's the thing: sometimes talking to myself just doesn't cut it. And I don't want to keep bothering Hub by constantly making him talk me down when I have "I JUST CAN'T DO THIS" moments.

So here we are. And I guess some kind of introduction is in order.

My name is L.M. Graham, and I'm a writer (hi, L.M.).

Even though I've never considered myself a 'serious' writer, it's something I've always done. It's not a hobby, but it's not something I expect to profit from, either. It's just a part of me; a big part that, I think, has turned me into an impossible dreamer at best, and an annoying twit at worst.

Ironically, I turned out as a journalist. And while AP style has really affected my work (short paragraphs, yes?), I like to think I can switch between reporting and telling a story that comes strictly from inside my head. Do I enjoy it? Yes, I do. I like to think it keeps that side of my brain from short-circuiting. Goodness knows that "math and science" part doesn't get nearly enough attention.

I started my current... venture, I guess you'd call it, shortly after moving to Texas to take a reporting gig. This is where I'll wax poetic about the process, or maybe just talk to myself. I think either one will work.

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