Friday, May 11, 2012

The Things that Go Through My Head

Look at me, keeping up with this not-so-gritty blog reboot (explosion gifs give me headaches).

It's raining today, and I spent the entire day fighting to stay productive. Does anyone else come to work when it's pouring down rain and think, "Man, forget all this"?


In all fairness, rainy days like this are awesome when it comes to writing fiction, but I'm really glad I have a day job. If left to my own devices, I turn into a hermit and shun all external communication. The next step, I'm sure, is raging paranoia.

So. Since last week. What fun we've had.

I'm about 1,100 words into a scifi short story I plan on submitting to (another) upcoming anthology. When I was younger (high school age-ish) science fiction was all I read. It's been nice to get back into that genre. I missed it more than I realized.

Also, I managed to snag enough time to work on the full-length manuscript. It's sitting at 2,000-ish words, which is a far cry from the 48,000 word first draft (which I never finished and eventually trashed) but it's progress, right? Keep in mind this is the manuscript that's going to be critiqued by Peter Beagle in less than a month.

This is pretty close to how I still feel about that.

Really, there's not much else going on besides that. I'm such a boring person.

Just add glasses and a thick veneer of animal hair.

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